Custom Orders

Alaskans Own can ship any amount/combination seafood to any location in the US via one of two shipping methods: Alaska Airlines Air Cargo or Fedex Overnight. 

At this time, all orders heading to locations that are not served by Alaska Air Cargo must be processed by one of our AO coordinators. 

While we can ship orders of any size, we strongly recommend that you purchase a minimum order of 20 lbs. Why? It's more efficient for your wallet, for us, and for the world! 


Want to order a custom amount or to a location not served by Alaska Air Cargo?
Drop us a line- we're here to help!


Save on shipping & share the love: host a pop-up CSF in your city! 

Are you part of a community that would benefit from access to Alaskan-caught, sustainably-sourced, delicious seafood? Hosting a "pop-up" CSF in your area can be a great way to share costs and great food with your friends, family, and neighbors. 

How does a "pop-up CSF" work? 

1) Grab some friends and check out our products! Build up a sustainable seafood-loving community in your town. Even sharing an order between 3-5 friends can be a great way to get started. 
2) Contact our AO coordinator or fill out the form above. We can help suggest new types of seafood, discuss your shipping options, and provide a quote. You can email us any time at
3) Pick a day, and get ready to divvy it up. Your order will arrive via Fedex overnight or at your nearby Alaska Air Cargo shipping city. Pick a day with your friends, make sure you have a freezer to store fish in the meantime, and enjoy! 
AO has some great incentives for pop-up organizers who are able to order at least 100 lbs of fish- contact us today to learn more!