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20 Lb Custom Order Box

Our 20 lb Custom Order Box allows you to pick the type and quantity of each type of fish to suit your taste.

  • CHOOSE FROM: Delicious and individually hook and line caught wild sustainable Alaskan King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Sablefish/Black Cod Fillets and/or Sablefish/Black Cod Tips.
  • King Salmon It's the king of the salmon for a reason -- when you think of the best salmon this is it! King Salmon's higher oil content and that more distinctive salmon flavor, it's definitely an Alaskan staple. 
  • Coho Salmon Coho salmon has a lower oil content and a subtler taste than king salmon making it a milder, versatile salmon option. These portions are great grilled, pan fried, baked, and in chowders.  
  • Halibut Halibut portions are an Alaska treasure! Whether you're making halibut Olympia, sandwiches, fish and chips, or soup, it's an Alaskan and regional favorite.
  • Rockfish Many southeast Alaskans love rockfish in their fish tacos, but this white fish is also amazing grilled, sauteed, and baked. Rockfish has a mild to full taste and a firm, flaky texture. It's a very versatile fish, so use rockfish in your next seafood dish! 
  • Sablefish/Black Cod Fillets and Tips Sablefish is also known as butter fish because of their high oil content. They're an Alaskan delicacy. Sablefish works wonderfully in fish tacos or marinated and grilled. 

All of our seafood is flash frozen or "fresher than fresh" to ensure its quality is maintained at the peak of freshness. The portions come flash frozen in 1 lb. vacuum sealed bags. They have a industry standard shelf life of 2 years (with proper freezing), meaning they will remain high quality for the duration of the shelf life. 

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