Spot Prawns: Add On

Spot Prawns: Add On

Alaskans Own

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Our delicious, locally-caught AO spot prawns are typically $23 per pound, but we've discounted them to $22 per pound! These premium wild Alaskan spot prawns are individually frozen at sea, which locks in that just-caught freshness and maintains a high-quality, meticulous handled product. 

Buy 4 or more pounds of spot prawns and receive $2 off of every pound you purchase! That's a total savings of $3 per pound for being an CFS customer. 

***During checkout enter "PrawnBulk" in the Discount field (requires a quantity of 4 or more) to apply this special bulk discount.

Add on items are exclusively for our CSF members only! These products are optional additional "add on" items that will be delivered in your next upcoming CSF delivery. So, if you find yourself craving a specific seafood, or if you need a little more fish for an upcoming event, considering buying an add on or two! You'll save on shipping since it's sent with the regular CSF monthly shares.